Since The Travel Company's inception, we have been dedicated to servicing the traveler who is out there trying to contribute to the growth of their individual business concern.   Our knowledge of the travel industry, experience and industry contacts, along with our fast growing technology, has allowed us to not only manage our clients travel, it has allowed the traveller to dedicate their entire time to tending to the details of the business at hand.

The largest travel management companies boast of minuscule processing fees and promise great savings.  The savings is negated by the time that the traveller must spend in managing the process of planning the trip.  True savings come with our process both in time and money.

With online availability, it is true that anyone can make their own reservations.  Certainly with all the major corporations having their own DIY systems for their employees, this is the norm.   By utilizing The Travel Company's services, you step above the norm and embark on a level of travel planning that frees you from the worries of managing airline delays, cancelled flights, schedule changes, and  your last minute airline, hotel and car changes.  You see, that although those agencies tout they are travel management companies, you are the one managing your travel.  The Travel Company relieves you of that responsibility.  Last minute changes due to business committment, weather delays, flight disruptions, adjusting hotel reservations, adjusting electronic tickets, adjusting car reservations is all handled by our agents and electronically messaged to you.   Everything revised while you are tending to the rescheduling of your appointments and the other details required by your business.

We understand that The Travel Company and their travel planners are not for every business traveler.  However, if you are one who has experienced all or any of the above, If you find the time out of your day and night has been misappropriated, then come and join like minded travelers.  Join The Travel Company, where Travel is made Easier.

Sheila N Batty, Owner