The Travel Company's first day of operation was 27 July 1987. It opened it's doors with the support of The DuPont Company's corporate travelers. Over the past 27 years The Travel Company has served a list of clients with global office locations. The Travel Company is a privately owned corporation, owned and founded by Sheila N. Batty. Her continuity of ownership and direct involvement in the day-to-day operation of the agency has been a key factor in maintaining the strong relationships that exist between The Travel Company and its clients.

The Travel Company's mission, from it's origin, is to be dedicated to customer service for the corporate traveler, who travels out of necessity as opposed to those who vacation. The Travel Company accomplishes this with it's front line travel consultants', whose experience results in enhanced service for the traveler. The Travel Company is ever present for the traveler, offering suggestions for alternative airports, and making hotel recommendations (based on personal knowledge of a particular destination).

Creating customized solutions for each individual client is also an essential element of The Travel Company's service portfolio. The Travel Company approaches each implementation as a new opportunity to create the optimal platform for delivery of your travel product. The result is a highly customized program, matching traveler preferences to response channels, and resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

Our competitive advantage is based in our business model which combines the latest in travel technology with very experienced agents and highly customized service platforms. Our focus on cost reduction, which is achieved, while at the same time maintaining superior customer service levels, has allowed us to be competitive with even the largest competitors in our industry.