We have partnered with some of the preeminent names in the travel industry.  These relationships will benefit our clients and their travelers as they enjoy access to cutting edge technology and services.

TRAVELPORT/WORLDSPAN - Travelport is a leading Travel Commerce Platform providing distribution, technology, payment and other solutions for the $7 trillion global travel and tourism industry. Travelport enables us to connect to our clients across the business-to-business (B2B) travel network. We utilize Travelport's Platform to redefine the distribution and merchandising of airline core and ancillary products, as well as extending our reach into the growing world of travel commerce beyond air, including hotel, car rental, rail, cruise and tour operators. Travelport was created as a broad-based business services provider to the global travel industry in 2006; however, their roots in travel trace back to 1971 with the introduction of one of the world’s first computerized airline reservation systems (CRS). These systems evolved into global distribution systems (GDS) and today serve airlines and many other types of travel providers and developers worldwide. The GDS system within Travelport's technology base that we utilize is Worldspan GO!. Worldspan Go! is the perfect match for today’s discerning travelers. It brings the full spectrum of global travel planning and management solutions to our desktop so we can offer the best travel options. Worldspan Go! helps us to lower your costs by managing fares with price shopping, re-price tickets and much more through advanced tools and thus saving you time so you can increase your productively. Travelport is constantly building new strategies and forging forward on highly-differentiated merchandising platforms. If it is available in the e-travel commerce, Travelport will have implemented it.

TRAMS - For over 25 years, Trams and ClientBase Products and Services has assisted travel agencies in their efforts to optimize customer management, and streamline processes. More than 45,000 agents in over 11,000 locations currently use Trams solutions which provide the leading back office system, Trams Back Office, the leading agency customer relationship management (CRM) product, The travel and transportation industry is evolving quickly, and you need agility in adapting to your changing customer needs. In addition to providing the right services for your customers, you also need to provide the right services for you and your business. With Trams® Back Office travel solution, we have the capability to easily monitor, manage the traveler's data. Trams® provides right-size, right-price information technology (IT) solutions and is one of the most popular back office accounting and reporting systems on the market today. Features for our clients: Ticket logs; Client history and statements; Vendor history and statements; Client travel history; Commercial client reporting; Fare savings reports; Management analysis; Decision making data, and much more.

TRAVELSAVERS - Established over 43 years ago, TRAVELSAVERS is an international marketing organization with 3,265 independently-owned, full service travel agencies in more than 30 countries around the world. Our travel professionals are among the best in the industry today. TRAVELSAVERS is owned by American Marketing Group, Inc., the parent company of 19 successful global travel brands. TRAVELSAVERS has long standing relationships with carefully selected travel suppliers that you know and trust, including top cruise lines, airlines, hotels, car rental companies and guided vacation companies. This allows us to bring you extraordinary travel savings and exclusive offers, plus you benefit from the personal attention and expertise of a dedicated TRAVELSAVERS travel professional. TRAVELSAVERS also is the provider of our After Hours contact, A24. Today's corporate travelers traverse time zones to conduct business as often as they once drove across town. They expect highly personalized service wherever they are in the world 24/7. Well, we’ve got your back! Our TRAVEL HELPLINE, A24 services the majority of the after-hours global market. Your travel needs are met around the clock – even when your personal contact in our office is gone for the day. Professional travel consultants can be accessed toll-free from over 70 countries to provide you with up-to-the-minute information on flight delays, cancellations, airport conditions and more. Partnering with A24, gives the consultant direct access to your itinerary so they can handle virtually every conceivable travel concern in just one call. When your agent has gone for the day A24 is operating three full-service contact centers and a remote agent workforce using a state-of-the-art phone system. Your emergency travel needs are handled seamlessly.

ARC - Airlines Reporting Corporation® (ARC) is a technology solutions company providing transaction settlement and data information services. Airlines, travel agencies, Corporate Travel Departments (CTD), railroads, and other travel suppliers process more than $84 billion annually through ARC's world-class settlement system - making it the financial backbone of travel distribution. ARC COMPASS®, the leading, trusted source for travel transaction information, powers data and analytical tools that help ARC customers make confident business decisions. ARC accredits travel agencies and Corporate Travel Departments (CTDs) in the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and American Samoa. Their system of reporting and settlement is fully electronic, accommodating everything from the largest online distribution systems, to the traditional retail model travel agency with nearly 20,000 accredited points of sale. Features details on more than 1.5 billion individual flight segments, nearly 150,000 unique origins and destinations, and 1,226 days of accumulated sales data are stored in ARC's data warehouse. More than 190 airlines and railroads from around the world currently distribute and settle their products through ARC's system - a global pioneer in e-ticket processing and settlement. ARC is an active Participating Organization with the PCI Security Standards Council™, an open global forum responsible for development, enhancement, dissemination and implementation of security standards for payment account holders.

IATAN - IATAN's program is unique and has stood the test of time by serving the US Travel Professionals for over 25 years. IATAN is guided by a diversified board which is comprised of all sectors of the industry, including home based businesses, large corporations, hotels, cruise lines and airlines, these representatives combining over 400 years of industry experience. IATAN's Missiona: to promote professionalism, administer meaningful and impartial business standards, and provide cost-effective products and services that benefit the travel industry. Through the use of its informational and other resources, IATAN provides a vital link between the supplier community and the U.S. travel distribution network.

THOR - Thor Hotel Program provides discounted hotel rates through the travel agency’s preferred GDS. THOR offers its travel agent members discounted rates, upgrades, unique offers and more through THOR’s preferred hotel partnerships. THOR'S impressive numbers > over 31,000 hotels worldwide; hotel partners in over 7,770 cities representing 152 countries; free room upgrades for bookings at over 4,540 hotels; breakfast included in negotiated rates at over 17,760 hotels; Wi-Fi included in negotiated rates at over 13,740 hotels; and additional seasonal promotions offered at 8,430 hotels, makes THOR one of the best hotel programs internationally. Thor's Car Program offers travel agent members a convenient way to book discounted rates through their preferred GDS or over the phone using their affiliation with THOR. In addition to discounts, travel agent members also receive personalized service and dedicated reservation lines when arranging car service.

CCRA - (The Computerized Corporate Rate Association), generates over 20 million room night bookings a year. Travel professionals in 82 countries currently use their revenue generating products and services. Over 37,000 hotels, in 6500 cities, in 259 countries, are part of their Preferred Hotel Program. Over 11,000 properties offer CCRA agency members rates that are better than the Best Available Rate (BAR).